About the German Shepherd Dog Club of Atlanta

Records are vague, but it seems that The German Shepherd Club of Atlanta was founded in the 1956 when a small group of breeders and owners interested in the German Shepherd Dog met in Atlanta Georgia. The first president was Mrs. Michelle Leathers Billings. Their purpose was the improvement of the breed; through programs and activities members learn about all aspects of the German Shepherd Dog, including mental and physical development; the breed standard, working ability, breeding, care and rearing of puppies, etc. Today, the Club’s goal is the same.

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Our club is part of the Southeast region. In total there are 7 different regions with about 78 registered clubs who are members of the parent club German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA). Each club host specialty dog shows throughout the year, where fanciers/exhibitors/German Shepherd lovers a like can come together to observe and exhibit the breed.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Atlanta, Inc. is a nonprofit organization chartered in Georgia in 1974. Our club objectives is to uphold the intents and purposes as stated in the Articles of Incorporation, and to conduct sanctioned and licensed specialty shows and all AKC events for which the Club is eligible under the rules of the American Kennel Club. Further, to conduct approved GSDCA-WDA events under the authority, rules and regulations of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America Working Dog Association, Inc.

As a Club we have monthly meetings where our members come together to plan future events and share our beloved dog’s achievements. Our meetings offer a community for like-minded individuals who love this breed. Plus we encourage engagement and participation in club activities. We are truly fortunate to be in an area where multiple kennel clubs alike are active, hosting many accessible events. So we take pride and strive to host the best events our Club is responsible for.

Check our our website here; it has tons of information. Also follow us on Facebook where we actively post updates on past and future events.

Overall, our goal is to advocate for this great breed by supporting avenues’ where we can demonstrate their ability and skill, while striving to preserve the German Shepherd dog breed.

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