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Illustrated Standard
Image provided by our Club Member & Illustrator of the Illustrated Standard - Karena Avila

Generally, the look of a German Shepherd is the starting off point of the standard, but there is so much more! As many in the GSD world always state it’s about the overall package: does it look like a German Shepherd, and does it act a German Shepherd?

The show pose/stand many are familiar with. But why? In conformation, the GSD’s structure is viewed in a particular way to present the overall physical package in one view. Obviously during an examination (aka dog show) each dog is examined longer and in motion, but the stand highlights the dog’s built-in relation to its locomotion. Then there is the actual movement, the character and specific features that are defined in the breed standard.

Below are links to several resources on the GSD standard. Feel free to check them out.

Parent club site German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA) – Description of stated Standard

AKC website -They provide the standard in an interactive form based on it’s registration and official standard.

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