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Why become a club member? Support, fun and friendship! Our club provides that support system of the many stages of a German Shepherd Dog and an avenue to learn about the many activities you can do with your GSD! They are highly intelligent and inherently love to work. German Shepherds are no lap dog. Our club is your outlet to build an amazing relationship with them beyond the dog park experience!

Our club members are actively involved in training and competing in many dog sports like herding, fast cat, conformation (dog showing), obedience, rally, nose/scent work, protection work and many others. Also, as a group we have many years of breeding experience that can be leveraged such as selecting a sire/dam, whelping litters, and finding forever homes. Our members who breed are guided by the German Shepherd Dog AKC standard, breeding purposefully.

Member Type(s) Requirements for Prospectives
Active Member Subscribe to club objectives
Attend 2 meetings or 1 meeting/1 club event
Associate Member Subscribe to club objectives
Due to residence, cannot attend meetings or take part in activities

Membership Fees/Dues

  • Individual membership - Annual $40
  • household membership (max 2 adults & their dependents under 18) - Annual $50
  • Click Here to download a membership application form (PDF)

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