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Club dog Tucker's dam, Willow

Next Meeting: March 9th 2023
No February club meeting

March meeting agenda is for our upcoming April specialty shows. This is a perfect time for new folks to attend as well! You can jump right in during the planning process. Our club holds these shows annually for our area to promote the breed. We would be more than happy to help figure out how and where you can participate through volunteering during this important weekend.
Check out our ad below for the event. You can also click into our events section to pull up the premium that list all event details.

information on Spring 2023 Specialities

Welcome to the home of the GSD of Atlanta club! We invite you to join us in exploring one of the world's most versatile breed— from a beloved family member to a working dog or even a competitive sport dog. You can learn so much of the fundamentals of this great breed with us!

Parent Logo_GSDCAOur Club Members have experiences in many venues under the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC), International All Breed Canine Association (IABAC) and Schutzhund/IGP. Check out our About Us section, as we are members of the parent club - German Shepherd Dog Club of America- who adhere to the AKC breed standard. We welcome all those who share our passions in this great breed, purposeful pure-bred dogs alike and who advocates for the breed standard.

As a Club we have monthly meetings where our members come together to plan future events and share our beloved dog’s achievements. Our meetings offer a community for like-minded individuals who love this breed. Plus we encourage engagement and participation in club activities. We are truly fortunate to be in an area where multiple kennel clubs alike are active, hosting many accessible events. So we take pride and strive to host the best events our Club is responsible for.

Check our our website here; it has tons of information. Also follow us on Facebook where we actively post updates on past and future events.

Overall, our goal is to advocate for this great breed by supporting avenues’ where we can demonstrate their ability and skill, while striving to preserve the German Shepherd dog breed.

Club Dog Rassy
Club Dog Rassy