The Regional Club Challenge

Each year the GSDC of Atlanta participates in the parent club's GSDCA Regional Club Challenge. Points are given for various club and member activities on an annual basis. The mission of the Regional Club Challenge is to recognize the activities of GSDCA Regional Clubs, to foster growth through competition, and to share ideas and resources. In addition, the GSDCA Regional Club Challenge is meant to promote amaraderie among individual members within the regional clubs associated with the GSDCA by encouraging competition with other clubs. All GSDCA Regional Clubs who are in good standing (GSDCA yearly club dues have been paid) are encouraged to participate in the Challenge as well as all other activities proposed by the GSDCA Regional Club Committee. The Regional Club Challenge will award points to the Regional Club whose members compete in a variety of activities ranging from titles and awards to member recruitment.

Competition Year

The GSDCA Regional Club competition year runs from July 1st thru June 30th of each year. This will allow time for points to be compiled prior to the National. Regional clubs may receive credit for events or titles earned during that time. Awards will be presented at the National to the "Best Regional Club of the Year" according to the size of club.

Click here for the full guidelines for the Regional Club Challenge.

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